OLI Platform

## Opportunity in Detail

The OLI platform is a collection of tools for creating and delivering online instruction that embeds practice and feedback throughout for a complete, supported learning experience.

[caption id=”attachment_395” width=”280” caption=”Student learning data provides feedback to help students, learning scientists, instructors, and course designers.”]Student learning data provides feedback to help students, learning scientists, instructors, and course designers.[/caption]

What Does it Include?

OLI platform participants will receive technical training on and access to the OLI platform, project space for development, course hosting, and access to all learning data and reports.

Participants will also receive upfront training on learning science principles to inform their course development. OLI and the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) will share best practices on effective use of the technology to provide meaningful feedback to learners and instructors, to address learner variability, and to capture actionable data for iterative course improvement.

What Kind of Background Do You Need?

We recommend that OLI platform project teams include a course developer/implementer role with a strong background in technology and instructional design. The OLI platform requires the ability to create and edit XML documents, manage files in a version control system, operate UNIX command line tools, create media files for the web, and troubleshoot common problems in web-based materials.

Is This Right for Me?

The OLI platform might be the right option for you if you would like to support a wide variety of learners and iteratively improve your course using student interaction data.

The OLI platform is not a learning management system or a content repository for distributing existing resources. It is a hosted solution where students access resources from a shared website. While content is exportable to XML, the platform does not produce a content package which can be directly imported into other systems. Instead, the OLI platform integrates with your existing learning management system using the Basic LTI standard. With Basic LTI, instructors can embed the modules you create alongside other materials and activities that they add to the LMS.